NewSex Vol. 10 – Sex, Orgasm, Smartphone, Tampon, Women

Welcome to volume 10 of our weekly roundup blog post! In this series, we have listed all the most amazing news about sex toys, sex and sexuality our team stumbles upon each week. Ready to dive in the spiciest, most interesting and intriguing articles on the Internet? Good! Let’s go!

15 Weirdest Places People Have Had Sex

weekly roundup volume 10

Have sex in a strange place? This happens to everyone at least once.

Ok, we are supporters of breaking out of bed but some couples can take things just a bit too far…

Here are the 15 weirdest places people have had sex!

What To Do When You Can Orgasm Alone (But Not With A Partner) 

weekly roundup volume 10

It’s usually for women have more troubles in reaching orgasm with their partners than trough masturbation.

The sexologist Vanessa Marin gives us 5 tips to make getting our rocks off during sex a little easier!

One In 10 People Check Their Smartphone During Sex

weekly roundup volume 10

According to the new University of Virginia research, our phones are distracting us from everything, including our own sex lives. A full 10% of people admit to checking their phones during sex.

If you think you might have this common problem, you should read this article and… keep your phone on silent! 🙂

My.Flow Is A Bluetooth Tampon That Will Let You Know When It Needs To Be Changed

weekly roundup volume 10

Your period is about to get a tech update! There’s now a Bluetooth-operated tampon that tells you when it’s full.

Curious? Check out how it works.

Women Are More Likely To Have Sex With Other Women Because Of Evolution, Scientist Claims

weekly roundup volume 10

A new theory has claimed that heterosexual women are more likely to have sex with another women than heterosexual men are to have sex with another man.

Check out more and tell us if you are onboard with this theory.

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