About Us

We are everything but the standard fem-magazine. We don’t talk fashion, but empowerment. We don’t do gossip, but we challenge taboos. We cover SexTech not make-up.

Our sparkling team talks about sexuality, pleasure and empowerment.

We are on a mission: to empower women uncovering their sexual wellbeing giving a female pov on sexual freedom.

We love to talk about everything from pleasure, sex toys, Sex Ed, passionate love, leading a healthy sex life, to sexual empowerment, couples, sexual orientation, desire and more.

This is The Pure Mag.


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Our Team

VSCVirginia Sofia Cerrone 
Director and Co-Founder&CMO of Pureeros
“I wish I knew all I’m discovering now about sexuality when I was 20”. I found myself saying this so many times (even though it seems I know way more than the average). I heard friends (and friends of friends) telling me the same thing, coming to me with doubts, questions and experiences to share about sex. Knowledge is power, they say. But when it comes to sex, taboos prevailed. This started when I was at high-school and keeps happening today that I’m almost 30.  So I’ve placed everything I know, I’ve learnt and shared within The Pure Mag to sexually empower all of you.

victoria-robertsVictoria Helen Roberts
Body Image & Intimacy Coach
Victoria’s website
“I am a Body Image and Intimacy Coach and certified Sexological Bodyworker – which means I specialise in helping people really start to feel their bodies – learning about how we actually work and how to feel.
The topic of intimacy and sex is one that appears to be well publicised and discussed but actually it’s something we shy away from. We feel vulnerable at times and don’t want to feel exposed by what we may feel we are lacking or hiding or simply what we don’t understand.
My role as a body image and intimacy coach is to help you learn how to really feel your body, understanding it’s possibilities and how to utilise it to it’s best potential.
Being embodied is not just a great way to enhance intimacy with yourself and others but also a way to increase your everyday potential. Whether you’re body conscious and fear intimacy or maybe orgasm is illusive there are ways of working with breath, sound and movement that can unleash your pleasure potential.”

katemoyleKate Moyle
Psychosexual&Relationship Therapist
Kate’s website 
As a Psychosexual Therapist I offer an empathetic, safe, and professional environment within which clients and I can work together to facilitate the potential for change, and work towards sexual health, happiness and wellbeing. Even though sexual problems are very common, they are often difficult to talk about and cause distress and feelings of embarrassment or shame. This, aside from interrupting sexual functioning can impact self esteem, confidence and relationships. Psychosexual Therapy offers a judgment free space in which to have those difficult conversations, away from the fear of it being a taboo subject. I work integratively with an understanding that psychosexual issues are not just purely physical dysfunctions but also both psychological and emotional.”

maria-fernanda-peraza-godoyMaria Fernanda Peraza Godoy
Urologist, Andrologist, Sexual Medicine Expert and CEO&Co-Founder of GetMine Healthy Pleasure 
“I’m here to innovate and disrupt  every area of women sexual experience and frame it into Health. Being the bridge between health and SexTech with the aim to connect women with their own sexuality and change the speech about female sexuality; building the core to empower women through their behave around sex. Of course this mean changing the social rules and  how we connect with humanity. Because of my medical speciality, I have  been training among men, studying and treating them made me realise that women in many aspects should take responsibility for certain social changes; so my expertise made me turn sexuality into my passion, because it is the way human beings connect and engage with the world around . The role of women has been socially silenced in many aspects and even in these times, where many women are in charge of their sexual life, have more financial power and higher expectations, sex is still not socially accepted at all. So, I decided to do something, to be part of the change.”