Which Way to Go? – The Missionary

Many women wonder what positions men prefer and I am not sure I can say the same about men. Most men believe that the missionary position is women’s primary choice. Why would they believe that? Well, except for Kama Sutra and other oriental books on sex, making love was considered pretty nasty. The way the sex was made depended on education both of the physical body and the mind. I think nowadays it’s the same. Depending on the availability of the woman’s vagina and the size of the man’s penis they may or may not enjoy several positions. If they are not open minded, they can have the same problem. Let me give an example, to be more specific.

If the man’s size is pretty honourable, but the woman’s vagina is too short, the doggy style position can be really painful as the one where the man stays on top with the woman’s calves on his shoulder. In the same time, if the man’s less mighty and the woman is damn deep, she has to be careful on the speed while being on top, otherwise she’ll keep on missing out her partner.

The psychological education is crucial as well. If the woman is way too shy and the man accepts it without trying to develop things, their position will be definitely missionary and the sex will probably last pretty little. If the man sees woman as instruments of pleasure and that’s about it, he will probably choose positions from behind where he doesn’t have to engage eye to eye with the woman. There are also some other man who just don’t like romanticism and can’t find pleasure in the missionary position because of prejudice. In the same time, there are some men who will not try “indecent” positions with the wife because the sex with the mother of you children ought not to be enjoyable, although the wife would like to be more opened.

Don’t get me wrong. Everything I wrote above works for women as well. There are some who will do anything, but oral sex because it makes them feel cheap. Some are really lazy and let the guys do all the work and they even get angry when the guys ask them to get on top. Anyway, people are different and they should experiment in order to understand what they truly need.

For example, missionary gives me orgasms 100 %, but it doesn’t fulfil the needs of my kinkiness. I love finishing in missionary because I feel safe and dominated in the same time. I breathe in the same time with my partner. But the path towards that finishing missionary position is full of adventure where I play roles, posh ones, slutty ones, whatever floats me and my partner boat and teases enough. You can use tools to tease even further. While performing in a position where maybe you don’t feel that much physically, but you like it psychologically, you can use sex toys to enhance the pleasure. For example, the Pino Black Ring is great for both partners and can be used for G spot stimulation, anal vibe or clitorial frenzy. Doggy style or spoon style with the Pino Black Ring can give you the empowering feeling that you can become a real instrument pleasure. Not a porn character or an imagined one, but a real one who can become the character your partner will fantasize about.

The key is to balance the animalic and the romantic side in order to keep both partners happy on the long term. Even in fuck buddies intercourse, you still need the sense of safety and respect from both sides.

So go there and explore and remember, have fun, love and share!


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