NewSex Vol. 12 – Lelo Hex, Vulvodynia, Orgasm

W elcome to volume 12 of our weekly roundup blog post! In this series, we have listed all the most amazing news about sex toys, sex and sexuality our team stumbles upon each week. Ready to dive in the spiciest, most interesting and intriguing articles on the Internet? Good! Let’s go!

The condom of the future is finally here

weekly roundup volume 12

Lelo wants to make adult playtime safer and more fun with a new, hexagon-heavy condom design endorsed by none other than Charlie Sheen.

Hex certainly looks like a revolutionary condom. It is harder to break and it uses an hexagon pattern to achieve a stretchier wear that is tear-resistant and comfortable.

The hope is to get people to adopt a “no excuses” policy on condoms. It’s true: we need to eliminate excuses.

Do you agree?

Men explain why they send dick pics

weekly roundup volume 12

We know, nowadays it’s all about selfies 🙂

But sometimes men prefer send dick pics…

I’m pretty sure you got one at least once in life…(don’t worry, you’re not alone).

What are the reasons?

Discover them!

Why aren’t we talking about this sexual condition?

weekly roundup volume 12

No one talks about Vulvodynia but around 16% of women suffer from it.
What is it? Vulvodynia is persistent, unexplained pain in the vulva (the skin surrounding the entrance to the vagina).It can affect women of all ages, and often occurs in women who are otherwise healthy.

Vulvodynia can be a long-term (chronic) problem that’s very distressing to live with, but much can be done to help relieve the pain. Check out how.

Why Are Men So Horny in the Morning?

weekly roundup volume 12

The early bird catches the worm.

Morning wood, or, as your doctor would prefer you call it, nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), is typical in every man.

The sexologists Gloria Brame and Uta Demontis explain us why.

This is apparently the best way to make a girl orgasm, but are you buying it?

weekly roundup volume 12

Dont’ be shocked but according to a National Survey of Sex and Behaviour, the easiest way to make a girl orgasm is apparently through anal sex, with a whopping 94% saying that they climax this way.

What do you think?

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