Traditions and sex energy.. enjoy your hot Christmas!

I know the period of Christmas and New Year’s Eve it’s all about food, entertainment and gatherings with family and friends, but what is there exactly? Does these two moments really exist or they’re just two social moments we use as a reason for partying, eating way too much and buying expensive gifts? I like to believe it’s more than this.

A lot of people may disagree with me, but I believe in theories which say that the period starting from the night of the 24th of December and ending with the 6th of January which is the day of Christ’s Baptism is actually all about settling your intentions for next year. I think it makes a lot of sense. We’re starting a fresh New Year and it’s good to be with your family and friends, have a lot of fun so that you could begin a new chapter in a good mood. In the same time, we need balance. The fasting period is important so that we can be grateful for what we have during the “party”. In the pagan era, this period was dedicated to Saturn, the God of time, order, structure, determination and continence and the Sun. So after working hard, fasting, and cleansing yourself, you can celebrate life in all its means. People would enjoy sex freely, focusing all their energy on the upcoming gifts of spring and no one would get upset afterwards. In January people would return to their family lives. Don’t get me wrong. I’m incapable of fasting 6 weeks from my deepest pleasures in life, meaning sex and food, but I try to abstain from sex and meat the last week before Christmas and then I enjoy partying a lot more. Fasting only one week is easier for the body too so you wouldn’t get ill from eating too much pork on Christmas Eve.

I know we are past this week, but I did it and kindly invite you to try it together next year. It’s great for couples as they start missing each other and the bonding over the last week of the year is greater and more passionate. After the fasting ends, you can enjoy everything with your partner, but I suggest doing even more. The energy we produce when making love is so great and usually it goes to waste after the sex is over. Let’s do something about it! Before going to party or have a great session of sex, think about your projects for the next year and give a command to your body and mind. All the discharge which is made after the orgasm should not disperse in the thin air, but be focused on your projects. So just think to yourself: all this sexual energy should be focused on projects, health, wealth and whatever you think you need some more energy on. It may be just placebo, but it works!

Sorry for this mothering advice, but these days are powerful and we should get the most out of them.

Remember! Have fun, love and share!

Happy Sexy Holiday.


Lilith and Evy