The Taboo Breaker – Female Masturbation

There are some moments in life when we allow ourselves to face our desires and be vulnerable. You can enjoy the moment and no one’s there to judge. One of these moments is when you play with yourself.

Usually, people are discreet when it comes to what they need to turn on and masturbate, but it’s good to become open about it, to get to know yourself, not be ashamed of what you want and learn how to ask.

Women are different and there’s no perfect recipe in how to masturbate properly or what your source of inspiration should be. Some women would caress their clit and start rubbing faster and faster until they finish, some would try to rub their G point and others try to enact the penetration of a penis with fingers in their vagina or anus. Some women would like to be more precise and use objects that can excite more than one zone. Some realised that cucumbers are better than the well-known banana mascot of masturbation (but modern sexy toys are safer, and we don’t like to waste food, don’t we?). There are so many ways… In terms of what turns us on…well, it depends…and it’s hard to get an honest answer. Some need to watch softporn or hardcore and some just want to imagine Prince charming eating them up softly or getting abused in a motorcycle riding gang bang. Some like to live adventurously and get real pleasure out of rubbing their genital area through their clothing on edges in public spaces. Nobody notices, it’s our little secret.

Anyway, most women start masturbating earlier than men and some get real pleasure out of it, getting none from actual sex when they become adults. They may remain stuck in their ritual. I think the secret is in combining the two. It’s magical to have your own moment with your body and worship it with magical talismans that guide you in your inner self. Literally. How would it be to enjoy that journey with a partner? Teach him how to give you pleasure not necessarily with his male parts, but with his hand, mouth and your magical pleasure objects. Guide him into this new world and together you will enjoy immensurable pleasures. I specified male partners because in heterosexual relationships we can find more sexual blockages and fears of expression. The tone change when speaking about gay games, well, at least in my humble opinion, they are more opened, playful and generous, so good for you (if you are into it)! The rest still have some learning and accepting to do.

Enjoy your longings. Love yourself and worship your body with all the tools you need because it’s the best and only way to understand yourself and enjoy, but really enjoy, every single intimate moments, alone or in couple or even during something more crowded.

Remember, after playing, just share! You never know, maybe you’ll find a community to inspire or be inspired!!