This Summer Don’t Abandon Your Sex Toys At Home.

I love FB memories, especially when they have such a perfect timing. Like when you break up and you wake up the next day with a lovely pic of you two madly in love. Just perfect!

I woke up with this memory:

It’s paradise, right? Yes it is. The problem is that there is no space in my calendar for holiday this year. Not a chance. Nada, nisba, niet, none.

So I was about to throw my Iphone away when I remembered why I took this pic last year. It was to remind me about how fun is to bring sex toys on holiday!

Let’s be honest, when you are in paradise and you already have:
– spent enough time under the sun tuning regularly like a fried chicken to get the perfect tan
– went swimming few times
– put your sun cream again
– eaten an icecream
– listened to all Spotify playlist you have
– read your book

You get board.

So I started looking around at my beach buddies and pair them with a sex toy that would fit their personality. (Laying at the beach can have side effects!!!)

A tall, ginger and sexy lady with a pink bikini is two umbrellas from me. She is always texting, like always, she is smiling all the time and giggling. I suppose her boyfriend (or lover) who is clearly not with her, is the lucky person on the other side. She won the Flamingo!

I’ll call her Flaminia, just you know.. ginger and pink bikini, got me thinking about this amazing vibrating egg and nomen omen. Dear Flamina, with Flamingo you can not only text all day with your bf but also really enjoying the beach! Flamingo can be controlled remotely via an app so your bf can activate it and spice up your holiday from wherever he is. I’d suggest though to give him quite good tips on where you are, just to avoid the situation where you’ll have an orgasm while ordering an ice-tea! Maybe go swimming far away from where children play.

Chip ‘n Dale, the lovebirds. They are so sweet. Everything they do, they do it together. One big towel, one bottle of sun cream and of course one big double air bed to be sure they’ll stay close to each other even while swimming. For them the Alone Together Set by Lelo is the perfect gift. If they want to feel even closer when making love, they can use Noa; she’ll wear it during penetration to have thrilling vibes to stimulate her clit. Or, they can play with the cock ring Tor, if he also wants a bit more action. I’ll recommend to Chip ‘n Dale to use them preferably on a desert beach or maybe better in their hotel room. I just want to be sure they won’t incur in an en plain air routine on the air bed even though both toys are perfectly waterproof!

Very close to my umbrella there is also a wonderful black woman in her 40ish wearing a super high-end white and silver swimsuit. Wow she is beautiful and I have a reasonable doubt she is a manager: Blackberry, Financial Times and Ipad at the beach. She definitely is a manager. I see her with a Alto L, the super classy and luxury rabbit vibrator by AVE.

This is an all-inclusive sex toy able to satisfy even the most demanding women! Its main part gently does a “come here” motion thanks to the lifting mode and its powerful vibes donate intense G Spot stimulation. At the same time, the small cloud on top delivers strong vibes to the clit. It’s totally waterproof and super discreet, an all-inclusive pleasure to enjoy maybe in the Jacuzzi.

Last but not least the sporty couple!! Every beach you go you’ll find one. They are definitely not like me: when I’m at the beach I relax, I don’t feel like doing anything. I lay on my sarong and get up only in case of urgent need. They barely have their beach towel with them but they bring all kind of toys for group games. Since they are so active, I’ll suggest them to bring also their Kegel ball to the beach!! When they pack and take the beach volley ball, the rackets and the bocce they have to take the vaginal balls too! Why? Because training the pelvic floor muscles matters for many reasons (you can find all you need to know about Kegel exercises in our Guide) like having stronger and better orgasms! So I’ll give them Ami Set by Je Joue. It’s made of 3 different Kegel balls in size and weight, in order to let you do a progressive train. You insert them in the morning and while you are having fun playing bocce you get your other muscles trained too!

So this summer ladies, don’t leave your sex toys at home!! Bring them on holidays with you.

I gave you just few tips on how you could use them, but use your creativity! You can opt for super discreet ones you can also place in handbags (find some here) if you are flying with low cost. Remember to check features if you want to use them in water but majority of luxury products are totally waterproof.

Happy holidays Elite!

PS: if you spend 2 secs looking at my beach pic you’ll spot all my beach buddies I’ve told you about!