Single and happy at St Valentine

What can a single person do on St. Valentine’s Day? Especially a woman…whenever a single woman walks on the street to go to work or goes to a basic grocery store, she faces all the cute St. Valentine must haves which stares at her at the tilt. As if they know she is single. Like they blame her for it. Of course, this is all in her head, but that’s how most of women feel when this date catches them single. One part of a woman may be revolted by this commercialised romance and the social acknowledgement of being a woman still depending on how you are treated on St. Valentine’s Day while the other part of her feel sad of not sharing those stupid heart shaped candies with someone.

The truth is, we, women, have to feel good in our skin no matter the marital status and be able to be happy for others who can celebrate together this day. Easy to say, almost impossible to feel. Being single on that date was a habit for quite some years in my life. I am always close to friends and family, so I rarely got the chance to face my loneliness in the most profound way. There were some lonely times, though.

I tried not to watch to rom-coms while eating my favourite food, smoke, drink and cry your eyes out. That was something I was pretty used to and made me feel guilty every time. So, I decided to try something new. I was thinking of cherishing myself. I had an early dinner watching some thriller movie, which took my mind completely of heart-shaped pillows, and then I prepared myself a hot tub with salt.

I chose salt because it is said that sea salt has the power to absorb the negative energy and it leaves your skin really soft. I lit up some candles and I stepped inside, so to speak. I let myself emerge in that healing water asking my physical and emotional bodies to allow the pain and frustration to go away. After twenty minutes of letting go and enjoying the hot water, I cleared all the salt with some refreshing cold water. After drying up, I caressed my body with a hydrating butter looking at myself in the mirror. We all know our flaws inside out and we forget about our qualities. This is the time to admire ourselves with all our imperfections. While caressing your body, thank it for helping you experience life on Earth and ask him for forgiveness for everything you wronged it with. You are your own Valentine now and it’s fine.

After becoming smooth and shinny, go to your bed, lie down and take a toy, whichever you feel like. I would suggest something to stimulate only the clit. Lily 2 could be quite appropriate. Before beginning, ask your body to focus all the sexual energy on materialising something that you really need in your intimate life in the future. Not what you want, what you need. Start rubbing your breasts, bottom, whatever part of your body you feel like touching and enjoy that moment alone, without imagining Prince Charming or watching porn. You and you alone is enough.

And remember: love, have fun and share!