NewSex Vol.20: Sexbot Revolution?

Dear Elite, it seems that by 2045 (so not too far from now) one in ten people will have sex with a robot.

Does it make you feel scared? Curious? Shocked?

When it comes to sexbot we usually listen to questions like “Is having sex with a robot cheating?”, “Where is the intimacy with a bot?”, “Will they be smart and totally replace humans?”
So we dedicated this NewSex to sexbot to give you more information about what are the ones available today? What are they really able to do? How is AI or Emotional Intelligence going to “humanise” robots?

In episode 12 of Future of Sex we can have a better idea on the most advanced sexbot available on the market today, which are produced by Real Doll in US. It’ll cost you from $5000 and you can basically personalise it in all details, included the colour of the nail polish! Sexbots are able to remember if you like pizza or hamburgers and could become your life companion… or not?
Intimacy is a key component of relationships, together with patience, perseverance, empathy and forgiveness. Will a robot be able to give us all of this? Robots may change the sex industry but could they replace intimacy?

But is it all about sexbot somehow negative or scaring? Some experts have pointed out the advantages that sexbots could bring in the lives of people with disabilities or genital injuries or dysfunctions. Will sexbot help people also dealing with sexual harassment or pedophilia?

If you are in a relationship, is sex with a machine cheating? Some people could argue that it is not as a sex robot is just a machine, like a sex toy. But the reality is that, when it comes to sexbot, people are not so sure any more. Is this just because they somehow interact with you? Or because sexbots look too human and you will be afraid that your partner develops a sort of relationship with it? How Sex Robots Will Save Relationships?

Last but definitely not least, are all sexbots female?(not to mention they all have hyper-perfect and exaggerated feminine forms). Well, we heard mostly about female sexbot, and the majority of them actually are. We thought there were no male sex robots but actually RealDoll made Michale, Nick and Nate.
But why is that very, very rarely (not to say never) we read about male sexbots? Is it because men are more likely to buy sexbots than women? Or is it because majority of engineers creating sexbots are man, or the robotic-media world is a male-dominated one, therefore female sexbots are getting all attention? What Would Sex Robots for Women Look Like?

We hope you enjoyed this overview on the fascinating world of sexbots and maybe you are questioning yourself about what the future of sex and robots will be like.


And ladies, if you are asking yourself, would I have sex with a robot? Then you can go back and watch A.I. Gigolo Joe… and imagine if male sexbots will look like a customisable Jude Law!