Which Way to Go? – Sex Positions and Sex Toys You Must Try

Mix&Match of sex positions and sex toys. Curious?

Couples have the great challenge to overcome time and space. When I say time, I mean the age, boredom and laziness that comes with it. When I say space, I mean distance, finding places where the moments we share get extra value and the connection between the two people which needs to be sustained.

Some positions are more enjoyable than others for men and it goes the same with women.

The Doggy Style + Pino

For me, particularly, the doggy style one is a position I enjoy psychologically, but physically I had some struggles with it with some of my partners. This position is great for men because they can penetrate with full thrust, especially if the vagina of the partner is long. If the woman’s inside is shorter, it may be really painful.

Regarding orgasms, well, that comes after some time of feeling comfortable. At least, that’s what happened to me.

Although I start feeling great pleasures, I couldn’t get to the climax, I always had to stimulate myself in the same time which, for some reason, was detaching me of what my partner was doing. When I started using sex toys, things began to change.

At first, I was concerned that my partner wouldn’t understand, but I was surprised by his openness. Actually, he chose the sex toy.


He researched for quite some time and came up with Pino by Lelo which is a vibrant cock ring. I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel at the time, but it was amazing. When we were playing the doggy style position, Pino fits perfectly and vibrates so strongly that I can get my climax without exhausting my partner and myself for hours.

The best part is that I can relax and be in the moment without worrying about playing with myself all the time so that I can finish and not frustrate my partner. Now I can enjoy the sex and just be myself.

When we first used it, I was so happy and smiling like a dummy, but at some point, I turned my head round and saw his face. Bliss… then I realised that if I can feel the vibration, he damn sure feels it, too.

The Shoulder Holder + Sensation Sync

The other position which almost frightened me was the one when the female puts her calves on the man’s shoulder (aka The Shoulder Holder).
Men love it, especially when they want to watch the face of the women to observe the pleasure they get out of it.
In my case, I was struggling to not show my irritation.
At first, it hurt, then it got better and better, but I couldn’t finish. It wasn’t that much of a deal, but I enjoy finishing and I believe that one of the best ways to explore sex is to try and get as much pleasure as you can from any position you can think of.


Pino can be used also with the Shoulder Holder but there are other toys, like WeVibe Sensation Sync which helped me with that position and made my sexual life more enjoyable and more relaxing for my brain. The main toy, the red one, is made to be worn during penetration to stimulate the clit. If you enjoy also a bit to technology it can be controlled via app or remote!

Foreplay + Hello Touch

Another sex toy that helped, especially during foreplay was Hello Touch by JimmyJane. It’s a finger vibrator that moves with you but gives your fingers’ tips magic power!


Sometimes, I just can’t get aroused physically, but my mind and everything around me do. Maybe it’s the stress, maybe it’s something you ate or just those days when your body is set to work and doesn’t accept pleasure.  So, I thought to myself, there must be something apart from ice that would turn you on by a single touch! I found Hello Touch.

No matter what you want to change or the new sensations you wish to feel, remember that sex toys are here to help you discovering our body. Be creative and use them the way you want!