October – All together against breast cancer

And just like that it’s October. Leaves fall from the trees, days are getting shorter and nature is preparing for resting until next spring. But a lurking menace known as breast cancer never rests. For this reason all the major cancer associations around the globe join forces during this month to raise awareness on this terrible disease that hit thousands of women every year, alongside fundraising campaigns to fund research and find the ultimate cure. Pureeros joins the fight against breast cancer and with this post we hope to give you some information to get involved in the cause with us.


First thing first. It has been said thousands of time but the first punch in this brawl should come from prevention. Know your body, ladies! breastcancer.org released an easy to understand, illustrated guide helping women to perform a breast self-exam, you should check it out here. Self-exams take only few minutes and constitute the perfect tool to always be aware of what is happening to you but, and please don’t even think about it, it doesn’t substitute professional mammography screenings.

Another useful resource every women should consult is the dedicated website page of NHS here. It’s more detailed than the previous one and covers also other topics, with loads of useful links to additional information.

Always bear in mind to regularly test yourself. If in doubt don’t panic, not all the lumps are deadly, but also don’t waste time and go to see an expert without any delay! Remember to spread the word of self-exam, many of your friends could not know how to perform this test, and it could save their lives.


In the very unwished case the disease hits you or one of your beloved please don’t give up! The first thing you must do is to consult with an oncologist and tackle the cancer with strengths and determination, no matter how hard it is. On the Internet there are hundreds of extremely useful articles and websites that assist cancer patients. We find this one quite good for overall advices and support.


To defeat forever breast cancer we must be united and support thousands of researchers that made finding a cure the main objective of their lives. If you have some spare cash, why don’t donate it to good companies such as MacMillan and Cancer Research UK? You could also support the research buying some of these products, all those companies donate part of their revenues to research on breast cancer. And if you can’t afford to donate money (it’s a tough time for everybody, we know it), why don’t volunteer in hospitals to assist breast cancer patient? Every kind of help is welcome!

If you know about any other initiative or resource worth sharing, please do so in the comments below!