Newsex Vol. 8 – Polyamory, Sex life, HEX, Livia and Masturbation Tips

Welcome to volume 8 of our weekly roundup blog post! In this series, we have listed all the most amazing news about sex toys, sex and sexuality our team stumbles upon each week. Ready to dive in the spiciest, most interesting and intriguing articles on the Internet? Good! Let’s go!

How Mars Retrograde Could Complicate Your Sex Life

Looking for some action…in that you-know-what-I-mean-nudge-wink-fist-bump kinda way? During this hormone-fueled season, we’re gonna go with yes. Spring Awakening can be “dangerous” if you let yourself go without controlling your hormones. Here are some funny tips by Elle


Your Condom Has Expired: HEX™ Heralds the First Innovation in Over 70 Years

Do you think there is nothing to be done to improve condoms? Well, you are wrong. It seems that Lelo is working on a revolutionary condom: HEX. No leaks yet but it seems that we are not ready to think about a new kind of condom. Check out what Lelo declared about HEX

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This New Gadget Says It Can Turn Off Period Pain

Period’s cramps can be very annoying, we know that very well. You can stop it taking the pill or, in the future, with Livia. A knew startup is developing this little electrical device you stick to your back when you are having period pain. It sends impulses to the nerves making impossible to the pain to pass through nerves.

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5 Masturbation Experiences to Check Off Your Bucket List

Enjoying yourself is an essential part of our life. You can be as creative as you want in doing it, what matters is the result! We all have different taste, but here are some masturbation experiences we all should try! Find your favourite and.. have fun!

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Polyamorous women aren’t just ‘pleasing their man’ – it’s a choice

Polyamory has lately became an hot topic…but, once again, it seems women can not do it as a choice to please themselves but to please their men. Let’s have a look at where it comes from and a female p.o.v. on polyamory!

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