NewSex Vol. 6 – Birth Control Pill for Men, Food for Health, Feet Foreplay, Masturbation Dos and Oral Sex

Welcome to volume 6 of our weekly roundup blog post! In this series, we have listed all the most amazing news about sex toys, sex and sexuality our team stumbles upon each week. Ready to dive in the spiciest, most interesting and intriguing articles of the Internet? Good! Let’s go!

There’s (Maybe) a Male Birth Control Pill Coming

weekly roundup volume 6

A research team from Minnesota is looking for a non-hormonal pill for man, which will allow women to stop taking hormonal pills for birth control. This might be the breakthrough innovation that will change our, or maybe, our daughter’s live!

Foods for a Healthy, Happy Vagina

weekly roundup volume 6

Did you know that apple or yogurt can help keep your vagina and the flora being healthy? Here some natural products and tips to keep your vagina in a perfect shape!

6 Insanely Sexy Ways to Use Your Feet During Foreplay

weekly roundup volume 6

Foreplay is what spices you up but it can be also unpredictable. Check some tips to mix things up and try something new… use your feet and have fun!

8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Masturbate

weekly roundup volume 6

Even though we are in 2016 it seems, from a research among US teenagers, 50% of the girls have never masturbate. Check why doing it is good for our health and mind and, don’t feel bad or worried about it. Masturbation is also very very important to be able to fully enjoy sex!

Down in the mouth: tips for enjoying oral sex

Lelo Blog

weekly roundup volume 6

Lelo, one of the sex toys market leaders, has done an interesting survey on oral sex. Let’s find out what are the obstacles and enhancers. Stop worrying about how it is supposed to feel or how much you are supposed to love oral; we all have preferences, what matter is to find your way to enjoy it!

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    Hi there!! very nice blog :)) about men birth control.. well, with all respect, I’ll never trust him!! My boyfriend keeps forgetting things all the time!