NewSex – Weekly roundup of the sexiest news

Welcome to our new weekly roundup blog post! In this new series, we have listed all the most amazing news about sex toys, sex and sexuality our team stumbles upon each week. Ready to dive in the spiciest, most interesting and intriguing articles of the Internet? Good! Let’s go!

Pillow Talk


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Our friends at Pillow have developed a pretty interesting app for couples (straight and LGBTQI) that want to feel closer, more adventurous and re-discover intimacy. How does it work?? Easy!! The Pillow App guides you through several audio ‘experiences’. You pick up the episodes you like and follow the instructions with your partner. You must give it a try!

What Women Who Have Multiple Orgasms Say Is Their Secret

Korin Miller, WomensHealthMag

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Multiple Orgasms, it’s possible. Not a must but a can have! The secret? Don’t plow ahead but start again from the very beginning. Better to leave your vagina rest for a bit and concentrate on other hot spots on your body. She’ll turn on again!

32 Unbelievable Confession About Masturbation

Emma Cook, BuzzFeed

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Ok girls, this one is really going to make you laugh. Although we recommend to use the real things (you know, it’s kinda our job), there are thousands of way to please yourself with the first object you can find around the house. Some are just weird, some are quite dangerous and others are a puzzle for us (we admit it. Still do not understand how they could be of any use). Anyway, we are not here to judge! So, enjoy this great piece from BuzzFeed.   

American Beauty Photo Series

Olivia Harri

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In this stunning series of pictures by Carey Lynne Fruth brought to us by the online magazine Bust, the artist reimagines the icon photo American Beauty by Mena Suvari with a totally different point of view. Rather than a sexual object Carey Lynne wants to show strong, empowered and beautiful women. Interesting to notice that the models were asked not to act as model, but to show their inner self made of their true sensitivity, fragility and complexity. The results? Just awesome.

Yoga for Better Sex

Sara Angle, SHAPE

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Everybody knows the benefits of yoga. But did you know that there are some position that can actually improve your sexual life? In this article by SHAPE there is an extensive explanation on the yoga techniques that can definitely help you to have much better sex. We can’t wait to try them 😉

Did you like this weekly roundup? If you want more stay tuned and remember: love, have fun and share!

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