NewSex Vol.23: Kissing, Toy’ Shape, Taboos, Testing and Safer Sex.

Hello Elite! Autumn is here, we love to be lazier than usual, to spend time on the couch under a duvet watching TV shows and having hot chocolate every time we can.  But today we want to inspire you to spend this time in a way more pleasurable way than watching TV.

We curated a new episode of NewSex. Stay Curious!


We all have our kissing-style but experts from Bath Spa University decided to run a research to understand how we usually do kiss. So, as left-handed woman, it seems I’m more likely to vary and I use both sides of my body for different task.


(from Broadly) The study, run in non-western countries, published in Scientific Reports, found that there is a right way to kiss: as in, literally most people tend to turn their heads to the right hand side while making out. Researchers found that 73 percent of kiss initiators turned their heads to the right when kissing, with 75 percent of kiss recipients also tilting their heads to the right. More…

Sex Toys and Animals

We recently heard about sex toys been used by scientist to stimulate tortoise but that’s not the case here. Have you ever wondered why many female sex toys are shaped like animals?

rabbit(from Motherboard) Feather boa-ed rubber ducks; pink, ball-balancing dolphins; clit-tapping turtles; horse penis dildos abound. That abundance raises some questions, like who assumed we want to fuck dolphins? Who decided female sexuality should either be childish, or bestial? And if the sheer variety of vibrators currently available to women suggests empowerment, what does it say that so many come in the shape of gooey purple butterflies? More…

#JustSayPeriod aka Menstruation Taboo

Finally Bodyform broke the taboo on menstrual blood in advertising. Because we do not loose blue liquids every month after all.


When was that menstruation has become a taboo? It’s actually way much back in time than what you expect. It seems actually menstrual blood had a positive and powerful connotation in ancient times. (From Clued-in) Knight, a professor at London University, believes that the original menstrual taboos were born of female-led and female-advantaging behaviours in early humans — i.e., that females themselves had good reason to establish menstruation as a time when their bodies could not be touched, creating their own taboo. Only later did this taboo transform into something that compromised female autonomy, rather than enhanced it. More…

Hollywood and Safer Sex

It’s not what you think. Recent news about sexual harassment in Hollywood have for sure shocked but also strengthen all women around the world and encourage them to speak up. But we don’t want to open un this convo now. The question is: should Hollywood do more to portrait safer sex?

condom(From TheGuardian) A 2010 study conducted by the UK Department of Health – entitled “Mis-selling Sex” – analyzed 350 episodes of television with sex scenes and found that only 7% of them featured any sort of discussion of contraceptive use. More alarming still is that in 99 of 102 instances of intercourse examined for the study – which included British soaps such as EastEnders and Coronation Street, as well as American dramas such as Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy – condoms didn’t appear to be used at all. More…

Life as SexToy Tester

How would it be a job that pays you to have orgasms everyday? Probably the dream job. Venus O’Hara is a professional sex toys tester and she thought The Guardian there are also down sides.

ohara(from TheGuardian) I keep them all in a big cupboard and store them according to their category: so, there’s the ben-wah balls drawer, the rabbit drawer… You can even buy app-controlled toys that can be controlled by a partner on the other side of the world. The most expensive toy I’ve reviewed was a laser device to facilitate female arousal. It cost €1,700 and all I can say is it was like female Viagra. The best toys are in the “repeat” drawer, which is next to my bed. One day, I hope I can exhibit them all. More…

Until next episode, enjoy your autumn.

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