NewSex Vol. 15 – History of Female Os, Cleaning Toys, Trans Toys, Masturbation and Buying Toys Tips!

Welcome to volume 15 of our weekly roundup blog post!

Let’s start with some very good data on how ofter women masturbate. We know we do it, the problem is that we don’t talk so much about it and it is still a taboo-topic. We hope this survey done by a sex toy company, Tenga, will help raising attention on female masturbation, because, know what? it’s normal (and great!).

How Often Do Women Masturbate? We Pleasure Ourselves Twice a Week On Average, Survey Say

Sometimes the matter is not only which is the best sex toy for you (and it case you don’t want to go into a sexy shop, no worries, we have a guide to help you with that PureGuide) but how to use it correctly. Check out Cosmo’s tips!

(from Bustle) Respondents estimated   that 68 percent of women have   masturbatedat some point in their     lives,  but the actual number was 81  percent. More…

7 Sex Toys Mistake You Are Doing Without Even Knowing It 

History of female orgasm. What a big deal! For ages no one cared about it, researched on it or even thought it was something real. Here a nice overview on our orgasm story!

 If you do get silicone lube on a silicone   toy, wash it off promptly with soap and   water and it should be fine. As Ligon   points out, if you adore silicone   lube.  More…


Introducing The First Sex for trans men

A revolutionary toy has been invented. And it’s dedicated to trans men. It’s not easy to use toys to please yourself if you are a trans man but thanks to Buck Angel, adult film star and producer, activist, speaker, and trans man now the problem is solved!

Adult film star and producer, activist, speaker, and trans man Buck Angel has just added another notch to his belt. More…


5 Thing to Remember While Cleaning Sex Toys

Hygiene with sex toys really matters! Using toys is funny, exciting and totally right but we have to keep in mind to carefully clean them every time! Toys can have many bacteria and germs and it’s very easy to get infected. But there are maybe as many toys on the market as toy cleaners so here some useful tips on how to take care of your toys!


If you’ve used your friendly battery operated lover, aka a sex toy, to attain that awesome orgasm, know that it requires some pampering too. Without it, said sex toy can become a hotbed for germs and bacteria that can play havoc with your lady parts the next time you use it. More…

Did you like the weekly roundup volume 15? If you want more, stay tuned and remember: love, have fun and share!

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