May – The Masturbation Month

You’ve probable already heard… May is THE month.

The month in which we all start to feel that summer is coming. The month when the sky is bluer than usual. And yes! It’s the Masturbation month! At Pureeros we are super excited about this particularly amazing month. And we decided to celebrate it in partnership with AVE. We are so proud to present SKY, the new product selection from AVE. Let yourself be amazed by their smooth and luxurious design and perfect vibration. We did it.

Have you checked it out? Super. Now let’s get back to The Pure Mag and find together what the Internet thinks about this wonderful month!

7 Ways to Celebrate



(from Bustle) May is Masturbation Month, offering us a wholly legitimate excuse to indulge in the art and science of orgasms. Doing it for charity is one of the possible excuses you can use!

There have been many a Masturbate-a-Thon over the years that help raise money for sexual health and women’s health initiatives. More…

How Women Are Really Masturbating?

Curious to know the key findings on how we love ourselves?


(from Refinery29) We-Vibe has just released the 2016 Passion Report to celebrate the International Masturbation Month. The survey asked 1,032 male and female-identified people across the U.S. about their masturbation habits and desires. It revealed some very interesting tidbits. More…


Sharing Is Caring: Masturbating With A Partner

Who said masturbation is a thing you should do alone? It is a fabulous activity to do with your partner.


(from HP) Jenny Block, the author of The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex,  gives us 5 reasons to do it together: to create a new level of intimacy, to spice things up, to reduce the stigma around masturbation and more.


I Wish I Kew More

We grew up with the idea that masturbation was a gross and vulgar thing for sex-crazed people. What a pity!


(from Metro) I wish that someone had explained that masturbation doesn’t have to be about having an insatiable sex drive (although it’s definitely handy for that, too). It can be about just learning about your vagina, becoming comfortable with what it looks and feels like, and educating yourself about sex. More…

And that brings us back to sex ed classes where they should had taught us that masturbating is about learning what we like, and discovering what works for us, and being able to give ourselves pleasure without needing someone else.

Remember that masturbation is totally healthy and normal and young people should know that is the best way to learn what we actually like, but adults should need that reminder too.

Happy Masturbation Month Ladies!!



  • Scott Louise

    Thank you for sharing. According to the changing lifestyle sex style also changing. Masturbation is a good thing for both men and women. Thank you pleasureplayz for making this month month more enjoyable with their latest sex toy.