Masturbation Month Is Here!

Dear ladies, the time has cum (ok pun was totally needed).

It’s May again and it’s Masturbation Month again!

We love to celebrate this month as it gives us the opportunity to remember you, and all women out there, the importance of knowing and loving yourself. Female pleasure, masturbation and all things involved emotionally and physically with that are still, unfortunately, a big taboo.

So be ready as we’ll talk about masturbation all month!

To get you in the mood, we want to start celebrating the one an only organ fully dedicated to pleasure, our clitoris! I feel like it’s also clit month!

Why your clitoris is completely unique


(from MysteryVibe) You might think — particularly if you’re somewhere in the ‘average’ range for your country — that clitoral placement isn’t a particularly variable thing. But you’d be surprised — not only can the distance from clitoris to vaginal opening vary greatly from person to person, but clitoral girth can vary a lot too. More…


Sophia Wallace TEDx Talk about #cliteracy


(From Cliteracy) “The applied knowledge that female orgasms are not happenstance, rather they are easily and predictably created with a basic understanding of the female sexual anatomy.” More..


Do your really know yourself?

We also want to remind you about the importance of sexual empowerment. Discovering our bodies, sensations, emotions and what we like or don’t are the first and most important steps in building a good relationship with ourselves. More..


Women still feel ashamed of masturbating, even though masturbation is as old as the human race, but society has made female self-pleasure as something not accepted and therefore something to hide. A research showed “In 2008 women still experience guilt and shame around masturbation. 70% of the respondents to my study felt guilty, and 80% of them were never taught about it as a normal aspect of human sexuality — with a surprising 4/5 of those women being under the age of 35 and raised by mothers of the post feminist era. 88% of them reported a strong desire to hear other women’s thoughts and feelings on masturbation, with most of them responding yes and absolutely emphasised with one to three exclamation points.”
So happily for that 88% of respondents, we are here to share this with you!

The Taboo Breaker – Female Masturbation


Enjoy your longings. Love yourself and worship your body with all the tools you need because it’s the best and only way to understand yourself and enjoy, but really enjoy, every single intimate moments, alone or in couple. More..


Let’s break this taboo together!

There is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s socially accepted that men masturbate since their puberty until they die, no matter if they are single or married or in multiple relationships. We deserve the same acceptance! The first step is doing it, of course, and enjoy each and every step, all the sensations and emotions.

But please, remember to push away any possible feeling of guilt by thinking that it’s totally fine and normal to do it. Men do it all the time, we can too.

And please help us breaking this taboo by talking about it with your best friends, your partner or partners, your daughters, whoever you feel comfortable to. If you don’t really know how to start this convo, you can send this article to them, it’s a good way to break the glass!

Fully enjoy your Masturbation Month!!