Lilith and Eve between legend and real life

Lilith and Eve are our incredible authors. Read the following to know more about them.

Lilith is known to be Adam’s first wife. She had an immense sexual power and magnetism. She was, also, very intelligent and determined. In old Kabbalah it is said that the dispute between Adam and Lilith started when he refused to let her stay on top once in a while during their love making. She did not want to control him, but to feel as being his equal. Obviously, Adam thought she was being disobedient, so Lilith abandoned him. There are a lot of stories about how God tried to convince her to come back to Adam, how she became the wife of Satan and the reason why infant children die for no reason and teenagers have wet dreams, but let’s not go there…

If you let go the fear when it comes to Lilith, you understand her power and how you, as a female, can learn from her. She thinks for herself, but wants an intelligent partner who accepts her and dominates her, but lets her rule in bed once in a while…a partner that can develop her sexuality in the deepest fetishist ways. She gets bored really quickly, so you need to use your imagination. She likes to know herself really well and explore her body.

She takes care more of her appearance and war skills than cooking and ironing shirts. She takes all the attention on any social event or relationship, but in a succumbing way.   She will give you immense pleasure, but leave you with nothing afterwards. This is her way, she takes all your energy because that’s how she feeds. If you want to keep her you have to take your energy back once in a while so she can miss it and come back for it. If you’re not giving her what she needs for too long, she will go find a different ”teenager”.

I’m not talking about females only. In astrology, Lilith is like a black hole called “The Black Moon” and ,gravitationally, she influences every one of us. Depending on your date , hour and place of birth, you can find in what part of your life her presence can be destructive or beneficial.

Paradoxically, Lilith can be a great psychologist and analyst if you acknowledge her.

Eve is the second wife of Adam, created by God because he was feeling way too lonely, especially after Lilith’s departure. Eve is said to be very beautiful as well, but in a pure way. She helps Adam in everything not necessarily because she thinks she is obliged to, but because she honestly believes that unconditional love means to listen to your man and build your system of beliefs such as his so that your relationship work. She takes care of the house and has a lot of childish fun with Adam, but never asks inappropriate questions or makes changes in her behaviour and looks. In bed, she never leads and gets shy of initiating something new because she thinks she might upset Adam.

At some point, she felt something was missing. She got frustrated and curios. In some theories, it is said that Adam was still thinking of Lilith and he would make love to her in his sleep, but he would wake up weaker and weaker and probably colder with Eve. The snake can be Lilith personified, trying to communicate with Eve, but not in the way of manipulating her into doing something wrong, but trying to illuminate her mind into asking questions because she wasn’t happy.

Unlike Lilith, Eve gives you the best of her as friend or partner. She personifies the Moon. After spending some time with her, you will feel recharged. Sometimes you will think you got enough of her and you will abandon her, but after some time you will miss that stability. She can bore the people around her with her openness. She doesn’t speak much and get all the attention, but she offers much more on the long term. She doesn’t care much of equality, she wants to be useful and make life easier for the people around her, even if this means she won’t taste the real pleasure in life and she won’t be a priority in other people’s minds.

Maybe Lilith transformed herself into a snake so that she would come closer to her other half. They were never fully happy. Lilith continued on being meaner and meaner, although she found a husband, Satan, who fulfilled her sexual needs, but doesn’t show her the nurturing comfort of a home and she still seeks energy from outside than being self sufficient and Eve is still unaware of the joy of living, knowing your true nature and needs and being loved and adorned once in a while.

Let’s face it. The 21st century woman needs a little bit of both. She works, she goes to the gym, she takes care of what she eats and, in the same time, she has to take care of the home, make her partner satisfied, grow the children in a healthy and loving environment and go to social events and make an impression without being an eco snob. She is both Lilith and Eve.

So lets us try to do that…understand that we are both Lilith and Eve. When we understand this, we will enjoy ourselves much more. We will realise we don’t need to have someone else telling us all the time how wonderful we are. We will get the acknowledgement we want and we will be also useful for the people around us. We will explore our body with the passion and imagination of Lilith, but with the caring and balance of Eve. We will explore pleasure and adventure with our partners, but also give them something to hold on to afterwards. We will respect family, but have fun in the same time.

I know it sounds God damn hard and it is, but we can do it. We are wonderful with our qualities and flaws and we are learning more and more every day. We have to accept it once and for all. And remember! Have fun, love and share!


Lilith and Eve