International Women’s Day.. On Sex There Is Still a Lot To be Done

The month of March is a special month, beginning of Spring, of sexuality, fertility, abundance and so forth, but the 8th of March is a different matter. It has nothing to do with the celebration of the feminine force of nature, fertility or love, it has to do with equal rights. It started with women strikes on work, rights to vote in 1907 in US and quickly spread all around the world.

Certainly we made huge step forward but there is still a lot to be done, not only in terms of essential rights for women (in some countries even today women don’t have the right to vote, or are considered as someone else property) but also about discriminations that still today exist even in western countries.

On this date, women of all ages, sexuality, political view and religion should acknowledge themselves as perfect human beings.

I know there is a long way to go for, for example, equal pay, but, unfortunately, the system is no longer to blame by itself. We have to support one another.

And this day has been established to remember women to keep fighting for what we want. It is not a fancy occasion to receive flowers or gifts; it is to reflect on empowerment, set goals, discuss, fight and try to reach that milestones.

Today I think women has to work hard for their sexual empowerment. Society still doesn’t accept that women enjoy having sex as men do. Women can’t talk freely about sex and sexuality or having different partners without being consider sluts, while men sleeping around are easily accepted and not judged.

We won’t be able to find the solution outside ourselves, but within us. Start with the little things. Start with your home, with your friends. Acknowledge men, we need them, use all your skills. Talk to your partner about sex, share how you really feel, the fantasies, desires, pro and cons on sex. We can do so many things.

Start being more opened to women in general, let go the ego and jealousy and be happy when there is another woman doing something out there.

We have to stick together on this one. Men can quarrel and fight and have wars, while we still have to make sure we get paid and be part in taking important decisions.

When it comes to sex, to understand what we like or want or we are curious about, we have to help each other overcoming barriers, judgments, fears.

We can do anything, we just have to try. Together.