Ina 2 by Lelo – Sparkling Colours for Amazing Pleasure!

The Ina 2 may not be a latest release by Lelo but it’s for sure a best seller! It’s also the proof that Lelo listens to customers’ feedbacks to improve products’ performances.
So let’s have a look at this rabbit vibrator’s features!

The Box


Starting from the very beginning, the packaging is very elegant, with a simple design but a luxurious presence, all in Lelo’ style. Inside, I found the toy of course, the charger, some instructions and the code to register it for the guarantee. Lelo’s products are guaranteed for 10 years!

The Features

Once you hold Ina2 you can appreciate, from the very first touch, the smooth sophisticated and totally body safe silicone (no latex and no phthalates), which invites you to enjoy Ina 2 on your sweetest spots with no fears.


Compared to Ina, its main shaft is longer, wider and more curved to assure a perfect G-spot stimulation no matter each of us has a different shape, Ina 2 is created to satisfy our vaginal spots. Plus, Lelo added 2cm for ladies who like big size!

The smaller clitoral shaft has been slightly moved to help the use of Ina 2 so that you can be free to insert or manoeuvring it as much as you can without loosing the contact with your clit. To give us a more intense and dual stimulation the clit shaft has been made a bit more flexible to move on our rhythm.

The Experience

As I love to relax on Friday evenings after a long week of work, I took Ina 2 in the bath and it worked perfectly with no side effect. It’s 100% waterproof!


It has 8 different settings which are much more powerful than before and you can easily switch them using the left-right buttons whenever you like … To be honest, I tried to test all of them but, after 3 switches I climaxed!

Ina 2 vibes are great and you can choose between:

  • External stimulation only
  • Internal stimulation only
  • Both internal & external vibration
  • Pulsing in both clitoris and internally
  • Pulsing from low to high
  • Pulsing from high to low
  • Crazy mix – be surprised as I was!

Controls are super easy, to change pattern or increase the speed just use the 4 little discreet buttons. It’s important to charge Ina 2 before starting enjoying it for… up to 4 hours!

Ina 2 is also much more quite than other sex toys I tried!

Suggestions and Review

Ina 2 main shaft size may not be easy to use for very beginners but with a bit of silicone-free lubricant and maybe some external play before, I’m sure every woman can enjoy its deep and powerful penetration.

I love the new colours, finally something different from the classic pink, white or black! Ina 2 is available in purple, lime green and orange.

If you like soft vibes maybe Ina 2 is a bit too powerful, you can try Ina or a toy with custom vibes like Nova.