FLEX, the Disk for Mess-Free Pleasure

Something we’re sure enough to say no one likes is their period. We appreciate Mother Nature for many of her wonders, but this is one we find hard to forgive her for.

On top of the harrowing cramps, heavy mood swings, and hallucinations of sudden weight gain, you have a loaded flow that wants to discover a river of its own.

Sometimes, it’s not the physical aspects of having your period that affects your mood, but the troublesome that comes with it. Having to change your tampon every so often, pulling out a dry one (ouch!), hoping someone at this party will have a pad, or not getting to fully enjoy that weekend getaway with your beau. You’ve also maybe been shamed for not hiding your tampon on the way to the bathroom, which is what happened to Erika who joined FLEX because she hated the fact that women were taught to think having your period was a gross thing. To help put an end to the trouble, she and Lauren, CEO, grew FLEX to help women continue to feel confident even during their periods.

FLEX is a hypoallergenic disk that gets inserted into the vaginal canal and collects menstrual fluids for up to 12 hours.

To use, simply pinch the disk to the size of a tampon and slide in pushing back and down towards the cervix, then use one finger to push its top edge behind the pubic bone. It will rest easily and collect fluids. For removal, hook one finger to the top edge of FLEX and pull it straight out horizontal to the floor to avoid spillage. Place it back in its wrapper and discard. Most importantly, ladies please remember to wash your hands prior to insertion and removal.

My oh my! I sure can think of a list of things FLEX could be good for… As Glamour perfectly puts it: “Enjoy the glories of sex on your period without any cleanup”. Indeed, there would be less of a mess during sex and your partner won’t feel a difference.

You’ll no longer feel that tug in your tampon that creates discomfort nor will you worry about any spotting or leakage. There might even be some health benefits to this product considering the fact that many women prolong their birth control intake sometimes to extend their period’s arrival. With FLEX, they’ll use their pills as instructed and expect a clean and worry free getaway ahead. Oh, and it’s comfortable! Users claim to feel absolutely nothing at all.  What’s even more awesome is you can enjoy a monthly subscription for FLEX to be delivered right to your door in the cutest box.

As much as FLEX raises many great reasons to quickly adopt it, we are concerned about one thing: Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS.
TSS is not necessarily caused by the devices inserted into the vagina. It’s when bacteria are left in places that allow for them to grow that it becomes dangerous; like a tampon that’s been in your vagina for way too long. As much as it’s great that you don’t feel the disk, it’s important you don’t forget that it’s in there.

Research shows that chances of catching TSS are fairly low, however, any device inserted into the vagina carries a risk, so be sure to remove and clean yourself accordingly.

The price may be a bit of a concern for you, too, if you’re on a smaller budget. Subscription with FLEX costs up to $20/month, whereas tampons can be around $50 for the year. However, you’re sent a whole cycle’s worth per month and the benefits of extra messy-free pleasure with your beau may be well worth it.

Today FLEX is only available in the US, but let’s keep our fingers crossed it reaches Europe soon!

We love that FLEX is on a mission to provide better products to women to help them feel more comfortable and empowered.

They provided us women with more options to choose what’s best for our own body. Considering the safe material it’s made of, and easy to follow instructions, and of course, awesome benefits, we’d definitely give FLEX a try.

How about you?