Female Masturbation Part 2 – The Taboo Breaker

This is an ongoing chapter of our lives. Women do masturbate as men do, meaning we do have the need and pleasure to enjoy ourselves as they do, and that’s totally normal.
Although it’s not 100% accepted by everyone. Among themselves, men can talk about it, joke about it and so forth, but many women find it indiscreet to be asked, even with only women around. Some women are ashamed to admit that they need self pleasure. But this is a matter of education and what has been marked as taboos for ages.


On the other hand, in some countries, probably too many, there’s a saying when women bosses get angry on something, even if it’s justified: “she hasn’t got laid in quite a while”. To put it nicely. If a man gets angry on something which isn’t done properly, well, he is the real man. I’m not sure when are we going to have equal rights or if comments like that will ever stop; female masturbation is something that turns men on quite a lot, but it’s also extremely used by men to make us feeling ashamed or uncomfortable. So, in the meantime we also fight against misogynist comments, I suggest ladies to stop putting men at the center of the problem and focusing on ourselves and enjoy every single step of pleasure.

I can guarantee you that when you are in control of your body and needs, when you know how to satisfy them and to get the best out of every experience, you’ll feel extremely empowered and powerful. And you should be proud of yourself.

You’ll feel stronger. It’s like a million doors opening at the same time.

I think there is a path in the discovery of masturbation all women should get through to get to a full sexual empowerment.

Some are lucky and started having menage-a-mois when teens so they can relay on a very good experience of what they like and don’t, others started when adults and they have to catch up an all the years lost.

Discovering our pleasure is the first step. The second one is learning not to feel ashamed and starting sharing.

You can share by telling or showing your partner what you like and want, and that will increase your intimacy but also the pleasure you both take out of sex.

You can share your experience, techniques, pro and cons with your friends; it’s very important to talk to bf about masturbation because it’s a way to empower one another and also to show there is nothing wrong in masturbating.

The last step is stop being afraid to speak about female pleasure or masturbation in public. This may be more difficult, we have to get out our comfort zone and deal with strangers and society.

But if you are going through the path you are also figuring out how empowered, strong and confident this is making you feel. This will give you the strength to fight against prejudice and common reactions because if we don’t act to change how people think about female sexuality, we’ll never really change things.

So next time you listen to the “she hasn’t got laid” thing, you can say:

I can give myself orgasms every time I want to. So if I get pissed, you should be worried as I probably have a d**m good reason to be mad.



  • Vanessa S

    We should stop and take time for ourselves to get in touch with our body, appreciate it and enjoying masturbation, thanks Lilith for pointing out how we can really regenerate our energy with Os!