Eva by Persian Palm: A Thrilling Work of Art for Your Naughty Nights

A thrilling work of art directly from the heart of Italy, handmade with love.

Finding the perfect Christmas present is not an easy ride

I’m not asking for much. All I want is a sex toy that’s different from all the rest, is that so hard? (pun not intended 😉 ) Something handmade. Unique. A work of art. And with my name on it.

I mean seriously, you can personalise everything these days… Jewellery, books, negligees… So why not a dildo?

Just when I was about to give up hope and opt for a personalised pair of cuff links, my eyes fell upon her: The Eva (like me!) by Persian Palm. It’s unlike any other sex toy I’ve ever played with, so I knew it’d be the perfect gift for my partner in crime.


Eva is an angled ceramic dildo that can be used for G-spot and anal play. More G-spot than anal play, if I have to be honest (I know because I gave Mr Partner in Crime an early Christmas gift… I just couldn’t wait!). Its angled tip seems to naturally seek out for my G-spot, and oh, does it feel glorious!

The perfectly smooth surface of the strong ceramic material carries our bodies to a luxurious and elegant setting. Its hand painted design somehow adds more passion to our nights than ever before. It’s a much different experience from the warmer and more tender silicone toys and it’s one everyone must try – trust me on this!

The large, rounded base fits comfortably into my hand, so I can control how deep I want to thrust the Eva. Its large width (5 inches in circumference) makes it ideal for anal play, too. I don’t know about you, but I love it when my toys can multi-task (especially when they are this easy to clean up – a few spritzes of anti-bacterial sex toy cleanser will do the trick). The smaller bulges make their way in effortlessly.

Eva provides a totally unique experience. As unique as its design. Its soft lines are inspired by the Tuscan hills – where it’s made, by the way – and hand painted “a la porcelain,” a typical Renaissance decoration. If it looks like the kind of Art you’d see in China, it’s because it was inspired by Chinese porcelain. It was a huge trend back in the day. The last touch is a glazed finish to protect the paint (and most likely make the toy weather resistant if you know what I mean).

Best of all, it has my name on it too! No, not because it’s called Eva (although having a sex toy resemble my name is kind of cool), but because I had it personalised. I know what you’re thinking, why wouldn’t I put my partner’s name on it? Because he needs to be reminded that I’m the only women in his life, of course! Anyway, you can have your own name, or anything else your naughty mind can think of, painted onto the base of the shaft. Just email customerservice@pureeros.com with your request.

Get the Eva from Persian Palm, and before you know it, you’ll be holding a little piece of Italy in your hand.

Try topping this Christmas present!