Dear Santa… A letter from grown-ups

Dear Santa,

It’s been quite a long time since I last wrote to you. I am trying to remember what I was asking for back then…mostly ponies and winter boots. I was fascinated by you and wanted to see you, but I just saw my parents and the magic disappeared. The “Santa on the chimney” event took place every year for quite some time, but I gave up the letters and decided to exhaust my parents for months with my demands.

I’ve grown up and I miss being surprised. When I was little, there was a song about you, where the refrain would describe you being a young man visiting a young girl for the first time and ask her to stay for the night. That was the present. It might have sounded paedophilic, but in the video, you looked like a tongue-pierced young fitness instructor who knows how to make a woman scream. In a good way!

Dear Santa, I am not asking you to come and visit me, but there is something mesmerizing in this your waiting. Instead of having a boring male presence around all the time, women may prefer to find enjoyment in missing their partner who will come for sure on a certain day and when that day comes, well, heaven on earth…. I am not saying it’s better to see you partner once a year, but the waiting and the longing may do every couple some good once in a while. Santa teases us with the threat of not coming if we do not behave, but let’s face it. He comes every time. Isn’t that great? Being dazed and confused, but getting comfort and certainty in the end…

I am not asking for someone new or someone from the past. I am asking for my renewal. If this sounded too heavy, I just want some fun. These days there will be a lot of food and boring conversations, but I want to be naughty. I would like to have with me some of the pureeros mini accessories in my purse and used them whenever. They are silent and elegant. Nobody will know. The Little Chroma Magenta gets on well with a dress I bought. Perfect. If I find someone as playful as me, we can use other silent mini accessories right underneath the table. The Christmas conversations will get even more entertaining and Christmas Eve will bring rewards for this stressful year. We women deserve to relax and have more fun. At least during Christmas we should be allowed to do so.

Dear Santa, I know I’ve forgotten you and I’ve taken you for granted. Looking forward to seeing you. I seem to appreciate you more and more over the years.

Still naughty and yours,