Sex Toy Use in Couple’s Life

The idea of introducing a sex toy into your sex life with your partner might feel strange at first, but it’s not because the two of you together aren’t enough. Rather, it’s simply supercharging some of the fun you are already having.

You could even think of it as a private threesome.

My Top Tips

Trying anything new in your sex life or relationship should start with a conversation. Be open to talking about what you both would like to get out of the experience.

There is no need to be intimidated or pushed out by a sex toy; they should be used to enhance, not cause stress of any kind.

1) Start the foreplay when you shop for your toy. Settle down with a glass of wine in front of Pureeros and browse together. Show each other what you like and don’t like. Discuss what you think is not for you, and the ones you like the sound of. There are so many options, the choice is personal.

2) Toys that are more focused on clitoral stimulation like the Tor2 Couple Ring by Lelo might be a good place to start as they can be used during foreplay and non-penetrative sex, as well as in combination with penetration, leaving you the freedom to make your mind up at the moment.


The Tor2 is really easy to use and is flexible and comfortable fitting for any penis size. This is a great start for him and provides amazing clitoral stimulation for her. Try a sex position where she’s on top which is good for simultaneous clitoral stimulation and penetration. The beauty of a cock ring is that once you have it on you can keep your hands free to focus on your partner in other ways too.

3) A sex toy can add a different element, texture or sensation. Allowing you to each tease each other in a different way adding to the sensual and sexual experience. It can be a real turn on for the receiver to be out of control, allowing the other to take charge. Get creative with your toy. Run it down the spine, across the chest to stimulate the nipples or down the length of the penis.

Remember to clean your toys afterwards so that they are ready for next time.

So, be open minded to trying a sex toy together, make it fun and before you try it together, just look at how it works. Find the on/off button, and changing vibration settings so that you don’t have to think about it at the moment. When it comes to trying it out, have it within reach or on a bedside table so that at the opportune moment you can just reach out without having to break contact with your partner.

katemoyleBY KATE MOYLE