Bryony Cole, A Look into the Future of SexTech

I think the best technology enhances the human experiences and also enhances the technology.

Last week’s International Women’s Day was the biggest call for attention to women’s rights yet. Whether in Indonesia marching to the presidential palace to demand equal rights for women or in America at the call for “a day without women”, women proved their worth and rightful place in this world. You may have come across another particular group of women on this day who were fighting to decrease the stigma of female sexuality; the women in the SexTech industry, and Bryony Cole, SexTech’s favorite podcaster, was one them.

uxnbwrrb With a passion for tech and enthusiasm for talking about sex, Bryony has successfully combined both topics to create a conversation that brings out the industry’s utmost potential. Featuring rising entrepreneurs such as Cindy Gallop, Gigi Engle, Kate Moyle, & more, Cole has been guiding us graciously into the Future of Sex.

Pureeros had the chance to catch up with the SexTech guru, and no matter what questions, concerns, or comments were brought up regarding advances in this industry, Bryony never ceased to bring a convincing argument that leaves you with a positive outlook on the subject.

“I think the best technology enhances the human experiences and also enhances the technology.”

This brings the point home of the advances user experience has brought to tech in general. Although when it comes to SexTech, people have a tendency to think a lot of it is gimmick, but Bryony quickly comments on its novelty factor, especially in relationships, stating: “It’s great introducing something new in a relationships, certainly for couples it’s providing fun, it feels good, and it’s normalizing bringing toys into the bedroom. Apps like Pillow Play are enhancing relationships instead of distracting from it.”

Another great outlook Bryony shared answered the question individuals both inside and outside of the SexTech industry frequently ask:

Where does intimacy lie in SexTech?

“The emotionality in sex is what creates intimacy, and that emotionality comes from emotional intelligence, which we know only humans have, but technology might be getting close! In your sex dolls, for example, you can choose your personality out of 12 different characteristics, so we are starting to inject this emotional intelligence into technology that is changing the idea of intimacy.”

You may be one to fear that sex and intimacy are growing apart because of how we can basically feel pleasure immediately through our phones, other devices, or from sexbots, but you can’t help but realize how fascinating it is to see how technology made its way to becoming intimate with us.

One can only wonder, how much further could it go from here with SexTech? We’ll leave it up to Bryony Cole to show us the way. What we can assure is that Future of Sex is showing us what really goes on in an industry still considered taboo today, yet has a global market value expected to reach $20 billion by the year 2020.

Pureeros Team